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Working With Marilyn


Once the workshop is scheduled, you will receive the following:

To see if your state permits MCLE credit for in-house programs, check the chart “Can You Receive Credit for an In-House Legal Writing Seminar?

To make the workshop more effective, Marilyn needs to know about the workshop participants (practice areas, class years, etc.). She will send you an email requesting this information.

About a week before the workshop, you will receive in pdf format the masters of the workshop handbook and exercises for you to duplicate. At the same time, Marilyn will need to know the number of expected participants so that binders for the handbooks can be shipped.

A case containing materials Marilyn will need for the workshop will be shipped via Fedex to be received two days before the workshop.

Depending on the size of the group, Marilyn will prepare name “tents” for all participants.Top of Page


Room setups vary. Marilyn is flexible and will work with you to make sure that your setup is as effective as possible. The room setup described below enhances the program for the benefit of the participants. Please discuss any changes or questions in advance.

When Marilyn’s travel schedule allows, and if your workshop room is available during the afternoon before the workshop, Marilyn will set up at that time. That way, there is plenty of time to resolve any problems. Let Marilyn know if this is possible so she can make suitable travel arrangements.

On the workshop day, Marilyn prefers to have completed her entire setup and preparation before any participants arrive. This timing allows for unexpected problems and it allows Marilyn to focus on participants as soon as they enter the room. Marilyn therefore needs access to the workshop room at least one hour before participants are scheduled to arrive. If participants are invited for breakfast in advance of the workshop, Marilyn needs one hour in advance of that time.


Please make sure all the items listed under A/V requirements (see below) are in the workshop room, along with the following:

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Marilyn will bring her own laptop computer—a MacBook—with her presentation graphics on it in PowerPoint. She will also bring a VGA adapter to connect the computer to your LCD projector. If possible, a technician should be on hand to help with the setup. You need to provide the following:

The screen should be as dark as possible. If the screen is placed so that ceiling lights shine on it, and you do not have separate controls to turn off those lights, please arrange to have the bulbs above the screen unscrewed before the workshop. (Otherwise, the screen will be “washed out” and the Powerpoint presentation will be hard to read.) The room lights need to be left on so that participants can read the workshop exercises.

If you have any questions about these A/V requirements, please contact Marilyn.Top of Page


If your room has a conference table, that will be fine. If the table is a long one that can hold many more people than the number of participants expected, try to have people sit up front (or at least close to the front).

If you have a multi-purpose room with movable tables, or if the workshop will be in a hotel or other meeting space, here are some room setup hints to make the workshop more successful:

If there is space, it may be helpful to have a separate table for the CLE sign-up sheet.Top of Page



Most of the time, at least one night’s lodging is required. Full-day programs and programs on the West Coast will sometimes require a second night. Please arrange for a non-smoking room in a full-service hotel near the workshop location (one that offers room service). If the workshop will be held in a hotel meeting room, the lodging should be at that hotel, if possible, and please arrange for a late checkout.


Marilyn flies coach. Usually she is able to arrange for less expensive non-refundable “leisure class” fares.

Once a workshop has been booked, Marilyn will contact other clients in your city to see if she can schedule other workshops during the same trip. Let Marilyn know if there are firms or legal departments in your city that might be interested in a workshop. Airfare and related ground charges will be pro-rated.Top of Page

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