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Useful list of proofreading marks. RT @WordsRight RT @mintzsharma

Proofreading Tip: Read the printed page, not the computer screen. Print in a different font to help you read with fresh eyes.

Proofreading Tip: Use Word’s Find feature to search for your usual typos that spell check won’t catch. (Do you type “form” not “from”?)

Proofreading from Hard Copy Good suggestions. The last (reading backwards) doesn’t work for me (via @writing_tips).

Proofreading on paper is better, but if you can’t: 4 Strategies for Proofreading Online by @RobynBradley RT @susanweiner

Proofreading tip: check math and look for transpositions. Transposition could cost firm $100 million construction contract. RT @WordsRight

Proofreading tip: check dates carefully. An error of a single digit in a 732-page offering plan might cost millions.

Double Check Your Citations: Issue with Google Scholar RT @shaunjamison @mypractice

Proofread your resume (and have someone else look too). Survey: 40% of respondents reject candidates based on one typo.

Embarrassing errors in “incomprehensible” motion. Judge marked up errors, typos. Story; marked-up documents (pdf).

Typo Caused Plane Tail-Strike During Takeoff (262.9 tons instead of 362.9 ton recorded in flight system) RT @ErikJHeels

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An explanation of Twitter terminology

@Name is a person or organization’s Twitter name. You can find that person’s tweets at

RTs I repeat a tweet—“retweet” or “RT”—when I find an interesting suggestion or a useful web resource posted by someone else. The @Name in the RT indicates whose post I am retweeting.

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