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Tips for More Effective Emails

•  Read through your email before pressing the "send" button. It may even be a good idea (when possible) to print out your email before sending it. Do you want to say all of this? Is your tone appropriate? Have you included all promised attachments?

•  Check for spelling and punctuation errors. Mistakes can damage your credibility.

•  Put the most important information on the first screen the reader will see. (And remember, some of your reader are using a PDA.) Many readers won't scroll down past the first screen of text.

•  Make your subject line substantive and informative.   Readers use the subject line in deciding what to read and what to ignore (or put off for another day). If there is a deadline, put it in the subject line. If you need some action, put it into subject line.  

•  Keep paragraphs short and use white space. Where appropriate, use bulleted lists. Formatting affects readability.


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