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CLE Workshops in Legal Writing and Editing

Marilyn conducts in-house CLE workshops in legal writing and editing at law firms and at corporate and government legal offices. Some clients schedule a workshop or seminar as part of a new lawyer orientation program or annual retreat.

The workshops are practical and interactive—not academic lectures. Participants review many real-life exercises, individually and in small groups. They revise and tighten the work of others so that they can do a better job on their own work. The active learning environment encourages questions and discussion. Each participant receives a workshop handbook and editing checklist—resources to refer to after the workshop is over.

A lawyer herself, Marilyn understands the time pressures lawyers frequently face. Given those time pressures, most clients prefer Marilyn’s half-day group sessions. These half-day sessions will help your lawyers improve their writing and editing skills without taking too much time away from their work.

After a morning group session, some clients add afternoon one-on-one coaching sessions for selected workshop participants. These individual sessions allow participants to apply the lessons learned during the group session to their own writing.


“I especially enjoyed your sense of humor, which keeps the audience interested in what you have to say. The small group exercises are extremely effective at both reinforcing the information you are conveying as well as encouraging interaction among the participants.”

Kay David, Director of Professional Development
Stoel Rives LLP (Portland, OR)Top of Page

“Excellent. Great exercises—much more fun than expected . . . [V]ery entertaining.”

Matt Cheek, Esq. (JD 1999, Real Estate)
Williams Mullen (Richmond, VA) Workshop 2002Top of Page

“Marilyn was very articulate and clear. Very well done.”

Marilyn Barrett, Esq. (Partner, Tax)
Alschuler Grossman Stein & Kahan LLP (Santa Monica, CA) Workshop 2003Top of Page

“I have attended several workshops in the past. This is by far the best one!”

Leonid D. Thenor, Esq. (Junior Partner, Intellectual Property)
Hale & Dorr LLP (Washington, DC) Workshop 2002Top of Page

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